Aqua Esfera is a small scale housing project currently under development. Our aim is to develop environmentally sound quality housing for the private sector. Construction of the first set of the 16 housing units in total will start at the end of 2011.

As Costa Rica is taking steps towards a sustainable future, environmental issues and people’s needs will be addressed more properly than before. At Aqua Esfera we identify with the common denominators found in most theses around the subject.

In this housing project, profitable facilities such as natural water, interior climate, solar heat and wind, are taken into account. Non-profitable equipment such as photovoltaic are installable later on. We work with advanced producers and suppliers oriented towards ‘Carbon Neutrality’. By doing so, we wish to contribute to sustainable development.

Apart from sustainable provisions, the central location add to the standards of living of the future homeowners. So do its excellent belvédère vistas and its easy access to nearby and distant nature. Also the nearness of working, shopping and health care centers add to this quality.

A small scale condominium community fosters personal contacts and good neighbourship. We are well aware of the societal needs for modern quality housing and proper services.

Pres-sale starts June 1st 2011.