Aqua Esfera Spa

Aqua Esfera Spa offers a pallet of Aquatic, Sport, Care, Cultural and Culinary activities.
The Spa has an open membership program allowing both Aqua Esfera Residents as well as others
interested in its courses to participate and make use of its Sustainable Care Network.

Aqua Esfera Spa will offer:

  • Aquatic Programs: Water and swimming classes on music geared to improving circulation
    and functioning. Programs for group and individuals will both be offered.
  • Sports: Sessions and activities focused on breathing, (slow) repetitive exercises and visualization.
  • Sustainable Care Network: Assistance in defining and finding the right type of care provider.
  • Workshops on a variety of issues concerning growing and greening.
  • A CafĂ© Corner with a Culinary Activity Calendar.